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Want to be professionally recognised in your profession?

Then Parlour Safe has relevance to you – a quality product deserves a quality technician.

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What is the Parlour Safe Scheme?

Parlour safe is the Land based Technician Accreditation Scheme for the Milking Equipment Industry. The objective of the Parlour Safe Scheme is to provide a common means of benchmarking, monitoring and assessing the competence of technicians and other employed in the milking equipment sector. The scheme also provides encouragement and recognition for both employers and technicians and other employees who voluntarily commit to continual professional development in pursuit of technical support excellence. Parlour Safe has been developed by the Milking Equipment Association (MEA) the only independent organisation dedicated to representing the interests of milking equipment manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

Code of Conduct

The LTA scheme incorporates a Code of Conduct. All technicians accredited under the LTA scheme agree to abide by the LTA Code of Conduct. Where LTA registrants are also members of the IAgrE, the IAgrE Code of Conduct will also apply. The Code and Rules of Professional Conduct for IAgrE members are made available to all members on joining and can be viewed at www.iagre.org/codcon

It is a condition of LTA registration that all technicians accredited under the LTA scheme agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

LTA registered technicians will:

  • At all times safeguard the public interest in matters of safety, health and otherwise
  • Uphold the standing of the profession and conduct themselves in such a manner as not to bring the profession into disrepute
  • At all times be strictly professional in their approach to the public, business colleagues and all those whom they meet in their day to day business activities
  • Maintain professional competence and skills in respect of all developments and legislation applicable to this profession (CPD)
  • Perform their duties and observe their responsibilities to their employers, staff and the public with integrity, courtesy and consideration
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that work undertaken by staff under their control is performed with integrity, courtesy and consideration
  • Not incur personal gain through abuse of their professional position
  • Work within the framework of the law at all times, particularly relating to the operation of the organisation with which they are connected
  • Respect the confidentiality of any information given by customers, employers, staff and suppliers
  • Not directly, indirectly or unfairly injure the reputation of another accredited technician
  • Encourage staff under their control to raise their educational standards and skill through training and development (CPD)
  • Act in accordance with the best principles for the mitigation of environmental harm and the enhancement of environmental quality
  • At all times ensure that all fees due under LTA registration process have been paid.
  • Contravention of any of the above regulations will result in the removal of that person’s accreditation.