Grandparent Rights were originally issued for 5 years and some technicians who were the first to register will now be in a position where their Cat 2 status has now expired or is expiring shortly.  In order to simplify the administration process your current Category 2 registration period will now be extended until the 30th September 2018 and a new ID card will be sent to you reflecting this new expiry date.  This will mark the end of the original five years grandparent rights period, the basis for which your initial registration was granted.  Registration at Category 2 via grandparent rights is no longer available, however, there are options for re-registering at this level.

Should you wish to re-register your Category 2 from 1st October 2018 onwards you may do so via the exceptional experience route and you will be contacted again in May and asked to complete the following process.

1. By the end of July 2018, you must have submitted evidence of your Continued Professional Development (CPD) which show that you have maintained and kept your professional training and qualifications up to date over the last five years.

2. Once you have submitted your portfolio of CPD to the MEA for review, your Cat 2 registration will be granted for a further two years until September 30th 2020.

Examples of Continued Professional Development (CPD) include

• Your CV outlining current qualifications;
• Current relevant experience as a milking equipment technician;
• Details of relevant training and development taken within the last 5 years;
• Work and roles undertaken over the last 5 years;
• Enrolment on and completion of the Parlour Safe course at Category 2 or 3 through Reaseheath or Hartpury College;

You may be asked to complete a telephone interview to confirm the most appropriate Category for your professional skills base.

An alternative and more preferred option would be that you enrol onto the Parlour Safe Category 3 course as offered by Reaseheath College. Thank you to those technicians who have already registered their interest for Category 3, the college will be in touch with you at the relevant time. For those wishing to register, pleas see ‘How to Enrol at College’ for more information. The Parlour Safe Category 2 accreditation is also on offer at Hartpury College.

Please note that changes to our registration rules and the administration of the Parlour Safe registration scheme mean that fees will now be requested and subject to annual renewal.  A payment of £15 per year on your registration date will be requested. Invoices will be sent to individual technicians. Your subsequent registration will only be maintained therein subject to payment of annual fees.