Genus Milking Systems

We are the UKs largest independent team of parlour specialists providing milking machine testing services including:

• Static testing
• Dynamic testing
• Wash cycle testing
• Fault diagnostics
• Servicing
• Unbiased practical advice

All of the above services allows clients to maximise potential return on their milking assets.
No matter what the size or system of your farm, our engineers are fully equipped to be of assistance.
By regularly maintaining your milking parlour, you will reduce the health risk to your cows, increase the overall efficiency of your milking process and increase the reliability of your parlour.
Our specialists can also advise you on the best ways to increase efficiency of the milking process to minimise milking time and maximise yield.

As part of a large dairy consultancy business, our dairy consultants have developed a wide range of services to meet the needs of dairy farmers and those that operate in the dairy sector.
We are a knowledge-based business with our consultants working throughout the world with all sectors from farm to fork providing technical and financial consultancy.

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