The MEA’s objectives are to promote, educate and to improve best practice and standards within the industry. By representing our members’ needs and promoting the values and merits of a fully recognised accreditation scheme for the industry, we are able to help our member companies to grow the professionalism of the sector, to encourage and develop the talent within the sector and to promote the industry as a whole to stakeholders and outside consumer-based audiences.

We represent our members’ needs and promote the values and merits of the Parlour Safe accreditation scheme.

Membership Information Services

  • Forum for sharing best practice opinion and policy debate
  • Identification and discussion on key issues: ie Skills debate
  • Advise and opportunity to shape new policy, regulation, EU and UK legislation and concur best practice
  • Dialogue with decision makers and farm assurance programmes
  • Market information
  • Statistical Collection
  • Seminars and Newsletters

Technical Expertise

  • Development of Parlour Safe Accreditation course material
  • Technical Committees and meetings to provide input into British and International Standards and Regulation bodies
  • Latest information on EC Directives, BSI and ISO Standards
  • Regular exchange of technical information and discussions on best practice
  • Developing common position statements on current issues

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