Advance Milking

Advance Milking is led by directors Tom Greenham and Dan Humphries, Veterinary Surgeons working exclusively with dairy herds and specialising in udder health and milk quality. Our key focus is on maximising milking efficiency, milk quality and cow health and wellbeing.

Advance Milking was born out of an industry need for combining knowledge of dairy cow anatomy and physiology with knowledge of milking machine technology and function.

Our work falls in to three key areas.

  • On Farm: A large proportion of our work is providing solutions and advice on mastitis, milk quality and milking efficiency to dairy farms in the UK and Ireland.
  • Industry: With many different businesses servicing the dairy industry we are increasingly busy providing training, knowledge transfer and independent support.
  • Research: Combining backgrounds in scientific research with regular fieldwork puts us in an ideal position to run, facilitate and collaborate in trial work.


Company Name: Advance Milking

Address: The Cornhouse, Iscoyd, Whitchurch, SY13 3AU

Telephone:  07908 497266



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