Negus Chase Ltd

All aspects connected with Dairy Farming

IMG_1700Negus Chase Ltd specialises in all aspects connected with Dairy Farming to include milking parlours, bulk milk tanks, dirty water and slurry handling equipment.

Negus Chase Ltd was founded in 1984 by David Twyman and Philip Bridges who specialised in tower silos for forage and grain storage in the farming sector and for meat and bone meal in the rendering industry, plus all aspects relating to slurry storage and handling.

Westfalia milking equipment was introduced soon afterwards and is now the main core of the business.

Based in the Weald of Kent covering- Kent, East and West Sussex, Surrey, Essex and part of Hampshire.

All the employees are time served engineers from a variety of engineering /electrical and  plumbing aspects which compliment

The varied trades required for the farm dairy industry. The client base has grown steadily over the years and this is mainly due to recommendation.

Apart from the milking side the company carries out a lot of work in the dirty water and slurry storage/ handling part of the dairy industry. This ranges from storage tanks through to scraper systems, separators, pumps and mixers.

David and Philip pride themselves on tailor making each installation to suit each customer’s needs and circumstance.

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