Stuart Murray Dairy Engineering Ltd



Our mission has always been:-

To provide the dairy farmer with the equipment, products and 24 hour service required to breed and milk cows to the highest possible standard. Top milk yields with low cell count and bactoscan results always produce the highest bottom line on the accounts page.
Having worked for most of the big multinationals Stuart soon realized that their main interest was not always that of the local dairy farmer.
Stuart Murray Dairy Engineering was formed to provide a better service and 37 years on we have had the privilege of serving many of the country’s top breeders, dairymen and herds for many years.

The company is a wholly family owned business based in Usk and has a pooled milking machine experience of over 100 years.

With a small fleet of transits and 4 wheel drive vehicles our proud boast is ” We have never failed to get it going, whatever the weather or location.



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