Lely Center Midlands Ltd

Lely is the world’s leading producer of robotic milking equipment with over 15,000 installed around the world.

Calm-600-x-400Lely is a family owned company with a passion for delivering success to all stakeholders within the business.

For you, the Lely Center is a sales and servicing hub for innovative products. A hub in which the Astronaut milking robot is central, complemented by a wide range of additional Lely products, all aimed at making the life of a dairy farmer more agreeable, as well as saving labour. The staff members of a Lely Center know many of their customers and prospects personally and they are well aware of what today’s livestock farmer expects from the various suppliers of products for dairy farmers. The Lely Center is your local point of contact – an efficient, compact and low-threshold organisation boasting the required local knowledge as well as extensive expertise on Lely products.

The engineering team in Lely Center Midland comprises of four highly skilled staff with many years of experience between them. They are all trained to service level two and we also have one product specialist within the team. In addition we have a trained FMS (farm management services) person to coordinate the installation and start up and ensure a smooth transition. Our sales team will take you step by step through the Lely product range and service explaining the new system you are about to embark on.

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